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Friends, by Mina Kakay (C) 2013 Featured

Mina at 2013 KW GalaMina Kakay has been a vital part of the VCC family for many years. She has been a friend to all and made friends with many. She is a long-time member of the Kingdom Writers Ministry at VCC, a beloved children's church teacher, and an active team member in the Media Ministry. She has announced that she will be moving back to her home country of Liberia on Feb. 16th, having accepted a position as Vice Principal of Academic Affairs at a private Christian school in which she taught before coming to the U.S.  I extend a congratulations to Mina behalf of the Pastors, the VCC Staff, Ministry Directors, and entire VCC family!


Dedicated to Susan
Mina Kakay © 2013

There are many kinds of friends


Friends whom your spirit takes to right away

Friends who make sure you don’t go astray


Friends who aren’t afraid to tell you the truth

Friends who are faithful just like Ruth


Friends who are with you for a short season

Friends who remind you that life has a reason


Friends who offer their shoulder when you need to cry

Friends who tell you to slow down when life rushes by


Friends who are willing to stand in the gap

Friends who’ll help you use God’s Word as a map


Friends who are willing to give of themselves

Someone who cares more about you than herself


Fiends who are close enough to ask for advice

Friends who’ll support you no matter the price


Friends who share your laughter and pain

Friends who try to keep you sane


Friends with whom you can have some fun

Friends who’ll stay with you til the break of dawn


Friends who always have your back

Friends who make sure there’s nothing you lack


Friends who are on this earth only for a short while

Friends whom you’ll always remember with a smile


Friends who are with you from beginning to end

Someone who stands by you just as your friend


But the best friends of all

Are the ones who know Jesus Christ as their Lord


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