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Love Awaits, Deb Jarzabek (C) 2014 Featured

17879813 10155446869146062 5255754847850626477 oChristmas decorations, music and holiday cheer rise up during December, here in the great USA. Most of us content in our warm comfy houses, full bellies and worry free.  For some, the biggest stress is what to buy someone for Christmas, what outfit to wear, and what should be on the menu.  Many will never know what it’s like to be desperate for shelter, for food or for life essentials.  However, there are those that do, on a daily basis, struggle to meet their necessary needs. There are men, women and children in cold, foodless homes, or on the streets.  We call them the less fortunate.  Some call them the unwanted, the scoundrels, the slackers, the moochers too lazy to work for themselves.  We call them bad names, and with lack of compassion we turn our eyes away to forget them.


While some children witness true horrors in life, others are living the very sweet life.

While some children fear for their lives, others are abusing theirs.

While some parents must put their lives on the line daily to protect their children,

There are those who misuse their authority and strength towards their own.

For some life is like a bed of roses, rainbows and dreamy days.

For some, their worst struggle cannot even compare to the struggles of another.

While we love, hug, provide for and teach our children to grow mature as hard working responsible people there are others who are teaching children evil ways.  Even more so, beyond the great USA, children are being taught to rise up, handle weapons and to kill.  This is the worst of evil, and if you are not for them, you are against them; and if you are against them, they are being trained to come for you.

Do not be deceived. This evil has no respect. The world has gone mad. Evil is rampant.  Yet in all the chaos, a quiet voice can still be heard. While folks battle between xmas and Christmas, Jesus remains with open arms for all who will receive Him. In these days the world groans with unspeakable pains that never should have ever been needed to utter

This is the reality of life, and even if it is ignored, it’s still real.  There is hope even in the darkest of places.  Love can cover the multitude, love can restore and heal, love can bring peace.  Yes, it’s possible.  Love awaits, even as a flicker, it can spread like wild fire.  Genuine love comes from God; without Him there is darkness. Choose love, choose God.  Love is contagious in the most marvelous of ways.

Please, pray for those in harms way, and if you can, do something more.

John 13:34  " A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another;as I have loved you, that you also love one another."


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