Defining Moments



 Listen to: July 5 PT 3 Preparing the Way of the Lord

Listen to: June 28 PT 2 Preparing the Way of the Lord 

Listen to: June 21 PT 1 Preparing the Way of the Lord

Listen to: June 14 PT 2 Living with Pain

Listen to: June 7 PT 1 Living with Pain

Listen to:May 31 Fighting the Good Fight 

Listen to:May 24 PT 2 Correction Leads to Direction

Listen to:May 17 PT 1 Correction Leads to Direction 

Listen to:May 10 What to do When You're Running on Empty

Listen to:May 3 PT 2 Seasoned or Poisoned?

Listen to: April 27 PT 1 Seasoned or Poisoned? 

Listen to: April 19 The Seven Truths of Desire/Passion

Listen to: April 12 The Secret of Contentment

Listen to: March 29 How to Increase 0ur Competence in Life

Listen to: March 22 How to Refine Your Self-Image

Listen to: March 8th How to Accomplish Great Things in Life 

Listen to: March 1st What to Do When Our Seasons Change  

Listen to: Feb 22 Run and Not Grow Weary